The Indoor Miniature Garden

The indoor miniature garden, a more traditional Japanese garden is designed for indoor plants. You can design a unique mini-garden using a wide range of household items.

Indoor mini-gardens are nearly always associated with Japanese dish gardens. Some people, indeed, call every type of dish garden a “Japanese Garden” although very few really are; the Japanese is only one of many styles of treatment.
Indoor gardens can vary in size from about that of an eggcup upwards. The most popular are those made in bowls, dishes, trays, pans and pots from 8 to 12 inches in width. These containers should preferably be of a porous nature and have drainage holes in the bottom. They can then stand, raised a little, either on an absorbent mat, a tray, or within a more decorative container. Gardens can be, and frequently are, made in glazed bowls but the practice severely limits the life of the garden.

The general construction of the actual garden is on the same lines as for the outdoor types, although usually of finer detail and smaller scale, and using the plant forms which will live indoors.

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